Using the Vortx® Coin Bank for Fund Raising or an Offering Device

Coin-Slot Sign Toppers turn Vortx's into very effective fund raising devices. They provide a 4x6 inch area to describe the charity or project, and they have ½ inch wide coin slots that launch every coin perfectly every time. Without the Toppers, coins have to be placed against the side of the ramps. That is easy to do with a little practice, but in a retail setting, many people incorrectly place coins against the "back" of the ramps which shoots them out onto the floor. Stores don't want that. The key to effective fund raising is for every launch to perform and put on a show, and the Coin-Slot Sign Toppers do that perfectly.

If you have the floor space and sufficient foot-traffic for a floor model, it will be much more profitable for you. Since it pays for itself quickly, the long term income is much greater, year after year. They never get tired and they never wear out. So floor models raise a lot more money.

But for smaller locations, Mini-Wells can be very effective and are a lot less expensive. They work great on counters and tables in stores and restaurants. They are also ideal for churches and schools on tables where children can easily reach them.



Elementary School Report

"This is a report on the Vortx Mini-Wells we purchased for our classroom fundraising at Walton Elementary School. We placed 1 in each of 9 classrooms for 7 school days and collected a total of $506.54 for classroom needs. Our top class collected $123.50 and will earn a class reward to be voted on by those twenty 2nd graders. This means we paid off the entire cost of the Vortx’s and cleared nearly $300 in our first week! We will do this 3 or 4 times per year and are considering getting one of your floor models to place in a store or restaurant near the school. Obviously, the students and teachers love them."

Amy Miller, Walton Elementary School, Wakefield MA



"WE LOVE YOUR NEW SIGN TOPPERS! We have used your Mini-Wells as offering devices in our church for many years. But it has always been difficult for the younger children to place the coins against the side of the ramps. The coins didn't launch correctly every time, and that made other children have to wait. The toppers are a great addition. Now every coin launches perfectly the first time. Thank you for coming up with this great solution."

Judy Palmquist, Children's Ministries, The Gateway

Topper Features

  • The Topper has ½” wide coin slots that launch the coins perfectly EVERY TIME! So every launch is successful and fun, and that leads to more coins being dropped in.
  • The Topper is professionally fabricated from 0.040” durable polycarbonate (a little less than 1/16” thick).
  • Each Topper Kit has “Insert Coins Here” stickers, 2 Phillips-head screws, and a piece of industrial double-stick tape that you can place under the launch ramps to help lock them in place. If you order a Topper from us at the same time as you order your Vortx(s) we will drill the matching holes in your Vortx launch ramps. If you are ordering the Topper Kits separately for Vortx's you already have, you will need to drill the holes which is very easy to do.
  • You supply the 4x6 card insert, so it can say anything you want. You can print it on regular paper on your computer, or have it professionally printed on card stock. If you print it on regular paper, you will want to insert a couple additional pieces of paper to prevent see-through. You can also print a second one that faces backwards, which we recommend.
  • Notice that the “INSERT COINS HERE” stickers don’t use any of the valuable 4x6 inch sign space. The arrows make it obvious where to insert the coins. Every detail is important to increase income.


Assembly Instructions

Click here or on the picture to the right to see the assembly instructions and a close-up of the parts that are included with each Fundraising Topper Kit.

Cost and Ordering

The Topper kits are manually cut and bent, so they are a bit pricey compared to the injection-molded Vortx. But their purpose is to generate money, so they pay for themselves quickly.

The Topper kits are $20 each if ordered separately. But if you order them at the same time as the Vortx's, they are $15 each.

Click here or on the red button to read more about ordering Vortx's and Toppers at the same time at the lower prices.

Click here to order Toppers separately which is only necessary if you already have Vortx's.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.



Fund Raising Hints - How to Maximize Your Vortx Income

Be sure to invite everyone to "bring all the loose change from home" The average home in America has $50 worth of coins in jars and under seat cushions which can be an adventure for children to find.

Another way you can raise money with the Coin Banks is to offer the same incentive to drop in a dollar as we do on the large Wells. This is in the form of a little promo card shown on the sign over the large Well. If you would like to offer this, we would be happy to make a custom format for your setting and send that to you as a printable page.

This is even something that could be made into a "letter brochure" that you can post or send home. Parents and Grandparents like this Coin Bank because, as a piggy bank it encourages saving money, and it makes a great show-and-tell at school, especially using some of our Student Guide information about tornados, whirlpools, and planetary orbits that the Coin Bank demonstrates. Dollars add up a lot faster than coins, so this kind of promo will increase the income for your project quite nicely, and we are happy to offer the discount to help you raise more money. It is good for us too. You can raise even more if you offer the Coin Banks FREE for a $50 to $100 donation. Click here to learn more about that option.

If your setting allows, we encourage you to demonstrate the interactive game called "Coin Limbo". Click here to see a YouTube video clip of this game. If you can give people a chance to play it on a table, they will end up putting more money in, and they will be more eager to drop in a dollar and get Coin Banks for their children.

If you are placing the Vortx on a store or restaurant counter, you can run a light decorative chain from around the neck over the back of the counter. Even if the other end of the chain it is not secured to anything, it will give people the impression that it is chained down. We have found that this helps reduce theft. And of course, empty it often so the amount of temptation is minimized.

Click here to see other promotional ideas. A small school in Oregon (USA) used these strategies and raised $7,352 in one day with a Vortx Coin Bank!

We wish you great success, and if there is any possibility of needing a floor-model Well in the future, please let us know. It might be possible to get a sponsor to completely pay for it.

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