Customer Categories

Our customers include a variety of categories from well-known charity organizations with world-wide coverage to small local community groups. They include large chain stores who raise money for their preferred corporate charities to small mom-and-pop stores in rural towns. There are organizations with their own floor space such as museums and zoos, and small thrift shops serving their communities.

Churches, schools, service clubs, YMCA's, animal shelters, civic departments, chambers of commerce, large and small amusement parks, local soccer fields, major league baseball stadiums, ferry boats, and cruise lines.

Then there are local businesses who sponsor Wells in locations where their goal is to get their brand and message in front of their preferred customer-demographic. For instance, an orthodontist has sponsored Wells in beauty salons in his community because, in his words, "Mothers are the orthodontia decision-makers in the family." Others sponsor Wells in their local school because of the youth demographic.

The list of the divergent types of customers could go on and on. We continue to be surprised by some of the customers getting our Wells.

Every one has unique circumstances and questions. Much of our website offers general information that applies to everyone. But we have also created special information for some of these different types of customers. They include:


Libraries, YMCA's, Animal Shelters, Thrift Stores, etc.
Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, Planetariums, Arboretums, etc.
Retail Stores, Restaurants, and other retail businesses raising money for charities
Service Clubs
Stadiums and Coliseums
Shopping Malls
Shared Revenue Plans
Placement Strategy
Family Fund Raising
Network/MLM Marketing