The prices listed below are "one-time" costs for the Wells and all the income they generate. This is not a lease, and you do not need to send us any revenue splits. When you purchase a Well, you own it, control where it is placed, and all the revenue it produces. In that sense, you are "buying" the income along with the physical device.

The Two and Three-Footers come with everything you need to put them into service immediately, including a 2-sided generic 4-color "Proceeds go to" poster that fits inside the clear sign frame, a padlock and 2 keys, a coin bucket inside the base, and the other items described and pictured on the "What is included" page.

Three-Footers are, by far, the most popular size, so we pass the quantity savings along which makes them the same cost as the Two Footers which are designed for smaller floor spaces.

If you purchase a Two or Three-Footer for commercial-profit use, the cost is $1,995 plus either $100 or $200 for color (see # below).

If you are a charity or are raising money for a non-profit usage, see the red box below.

This page focuses on pricing for Two and Three-Footers. Click here to see detailed pricing, inclusions, and options for Seven-Footers.



***This paragraph posted June 12, 2024 ***

ASSISTANCE GRANTS FOR NON-PROFIT USE: has announced that it is providing assistance grants for non-profit use while their fund lasts. They don't pay all of the cost, but cover a significant portion of it to make it easier for you to afford the balance. If you are raising money for charitable projects, please send us an email or call us at 1-937-985-5863 (Eastern United States) and tell us about your proposed usage. We will let you know if Assistance Grants are available.

How to get your Well FREE (Sponsored): Be sure to review our Sponsorship page so you can see how easy it is to get someone else to pay for your Well.

Rental Options: If you are interested in borrowing or renting a Well, please click here.

Events, Churches, Schools, Events, and short-term campaigns, click here for special information and word-for-word strategies that have raised thousands of dollars in one day. The one-day record is $40,979!

#Color Upgrade: The standard funnel color is white. Click here or on the picture to see alternate funnel colors that can either fit your logo colors and décor, or contrast with it. Most colors for Two and Three-Footers are an additional $100, and $200 for Seven-Footers colors. Bright Sparkle colors are an additional $100 for either size.

Attention Science Teachers: Do you want a large funnel without coin launch ramps for your science demonstrations? We have some special educational options available for you for the funnel only which cannot be used for fund raising. Please contact us and ask for "teacher options".

Shipping Cost Savings: If you are interested in getting any of the small Mini-Well Vortx's along with a Well, there is room in the open spaces of the large cartons used for shipping the Two or Three-Footer Wells. Since the shipping rates are based on the dimensional weight (size) of the boxes rather than the actual weight, we can add up to 25 Vortx's with a Three-Footer and up to 20 with a Two-Footer at no additional shipping cost. Therefore, if you want any Vortx's, ordering them at the same time as a large Well will save a lot of money.

Click here to learn how you can raise additional income by selling the Mini-Well Coin Banks in your gift shop or store, or if you are non-profit organization, by giving them away FREE for a $50 or greater donation.

Discounts: The Vortx Mini-Well Coin Banks retail for $29.95 plus about $16 shipping. If you purchase 1 floor model Wishing Well, you can add Vortx Mini-Well Coin Banks to your order for $16 each. If you are purchasing 2 or more floor models, you can add Vortx's for $13.50 each. So you can raise an additional $20 or more by using the "Free" strategy described in the paragraph above.

Shipping and Handling for Two and Three-Footers

Click here to see the shipping rates within the Continental USA for Two and Three-Footers. Seven-Footer shipping will be quoted separately.

If you are outside the Continental USA, please click here.


Three-Footers are the most popular size, and we try to have inventory of the most popular colors ready to ship within 1 business day. Two and Seven-Footers are built when ordered and usually take about 2 weeks. Please feel free to contact us about our current inventory and production schedule. We will let you know if there is any extra lead time required.

Shipping Confirmation and Tracking Links: When we ship, we will email shipping confirmation and a tracking link.



Click Here for Non-Profit Two and Three-Footer Order Form

Click Here for Commercial Profit Use Two and Three-Footer Order Form

Click here to see detailed pricing, inclusions, and options for Seven-Footers.


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