Payment Terms

Vortx Coin Banks may be ordered with credit cards, but floor model fund raising Wells cannot be ordered with credit cards without prior approval, and merchant fees will be added.

Floor-Model Wells

If you are in the United States and are an established public institution, a pre-approved corporate account, or other similar entity, you may request the use of a purchase order and pay by check or other pre-approved means. Please ask for instructions or call us at 1-937-476-1298 (9am to 6 pm Eastern USA).

If you do not qualify for that option, we will ship immediately upon receipt of payment by cashier's check, money order, or bank wire. Other checks will await bank clearance.


Established organizations in Canada are allowed to order with the payment "due on receipt."

All orders from outside the USA and Canada require pre-payment unless pre-arranged differently such as 50% to start a large order with the balance paid when the order is ready to ship. The majority of our international customers use bank wire transfers which are the easiest and our preference too. If you are not familiar with how bank wires work, it is fairly simple. We supply you with our bank wire account details along with an invoice. You print and take those to your bank and tell them to wire the payment to the account on the sheet. They do the rest. They will probably charge a bank wire fee unless your account balance is enough to offset it. Our bank does not charge to receive wires. It typically takes 1 or 2 business days for a wire to be sent and received, depending your bank's relationship to the federal reserve. If it goes through an intermediary bank, it can add a day or two. If we have the size and color you want in stock, we usually ship within 1 business day.

All payments must be in US Dollars.

A large portion of our business is providing Wells internationally. By buying directly from our factory, you can save the mark-up of a local reseller who would also pass on the same shipping cost. With today's easy communication, payment, and shipping options, combined with our ever-ready inventory, it is our pleasure to serve international customers with the same speed and service as those in the USA.

After we have answered all your questions and you have decided on the quantity, size and color, we will make a one-page Pro-Forma Invoice with those details, the shipping quote, your shipping address, the total amount due, and our bank wire instructions for you to take to your bank as described above..

"Just to let you know that the Wishing Well has arrived safely in less than a week, and we put it into immediate operation.

Thanks for such a smooth international transaction. Some things we order from our nearest town take
longer and are not as smooth as your service!!!!"

Best regards,

M. Bishop, Carisbrooke Castle Museum



We do not offer payment plans since we never receive any portion of the money tossed into a Well. It is important that we avoid any conflict of interest so that your customers and your local media understand that 100% of the coin-revenue goes to your listed purpose.

However, you can get local financing…someone or some entity that will fund the upfront cost of a Well. You can pay them back with a flat rate or a percentage of the proceeds. It can be any percentage…we suggest an even split of 50% until it is paid off). That way, you are receiving new money for your project immediately, and they start getting repaid immediately. In reality, you are still receiving 100% of the revenue. You are using it to purchase the Well just like you would purchase office supplies or any other item you need to operate your organization. Some organizations have asked people to be sponsors, but when they declined, asked them if they would do it as a loan. That has worked for quite a few organizations. The key is doing whatever it takes to get started so your Well can start generating revenue that is otherwise walking out the front door in the pockets and purses of your customers or visitors.

Large Quantity Financing: Financing plans through a third party agency are available for large quantities that are part of a regional or national program or chain of stores.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the payment terms using our online email form or by calling 1-937-476-1298 (Eastern USA).