Vortx® Fundraising Topper Assembly Instructions

We have supplied the following picture for your review, followed by specific instructions for assembling and mounting the Topper.

1) You will want to print your own 4x6 inch sign and fit it into the clear Topper. When the Topper is screwed to the launch ramps, you want it to pinch the sign inside the plastic so it doesn't slip out. We recommend that you print 2 so they can face both ways, which also helps to stop "show-through" if there is light in the background.

If you purchased your Toppers separately, you will need to drill two 1/8" holes in the launch ramps. Drill the first hole (red 1 in the picture) through the dimple on the top of the ramp. The center of the dimple has a little rise in it, so angle your bit against that at first, then straight down through the center. Then do Step 2 below with the first screw through hole #1, then drill the back hole (red 2) using the hole in the back of the Topper as the locator.

2) Screw the Topper to the Ramps using a Phillips screw driver. They will self-thread fairly easily. Snug them up tight, but not so tight they strip out the holes. If you are getting your Topper(s) after already having your Vortx(s), you will need to place the Topper onto the Ramp (centered) and drill 1/8” holes in the Ramp to match the holes in the Topper.

3) With scissors, cut and apply the double-stick tape so it fits on the flat surfaces on either side of the slots as shown. The purpose of the tape is to help keep the launch ramps in place since they were originally designed to be easily and quickly removed. When used for fund raising, you will want them to stay in place. If you ever need to re-apply tape, any double stick tape will work...such as office scotch tape, or masking tape from a hardware store. Hint: Burnish (rub hard) the tape to the ramps with your fingernail. It is then easier to slip a knife blade under the coating and remove it from the tape.

4) As you can see in the Vortx assembly instructions on, you mount the launch ramps by lining up the male bumps on the rim of the funnel with the female slots on the underside of the launch ramps (circled in red). This is even more important because of the tape. You must line them up visually BEFORE attaching them. You will want to affix one side first, then the other. Try not to slide the tape against the surface of the funnel rim. When you have successfully aligned and mounted the launch ramps, press them together and down on the funnel rim to secure them in place. After attaching them, they shouldn't move without purposeful force.

Be sure to take advantages of the promotional ideas shown here. A small school in Oregon (USA) used these strategies and raised $7,352 in one day with a Vortx toy! A church in California raised $40,979 in one day! It sounds unbelievable, but when you use the proven strategies and promotions, you can raise amazing amounts of money.

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