Kiwanis Spiral Wishing Well Program

Editor's Note: While we have been supplying Wells to Kiwanians for many years, this page describes an exclusive program for Kiwanis Clubs, that is not available to our regular non-profit customers. It is our hope that, with this program, Spiral Wishing Wells will help to raise even more money for Kiwanis International and its generous projects throughout the world.

This page lists the prices and provides many tools and strategies SPECIFICALLY for Kiwanis Clubs. We recommend that you bookmark this page to your Favorites for easy access.

Steve Divnick, Inventor and Manufacturer

Page Contents

- General Information
- Who owns the Wells?
- What is the Kiwanis Spiral Wishing Well Program?
- Fund Raising Fatigue
- Splitting the proceeds with the store's charity
- Bonus Mini-Well Toy Income
- Club Decision-Making
- Prices
- Shipping
- Kiwanis Sign
- Colors
- Ordering
- Press Releases and other promotional materials

The "Kiwanis Spiral Wishing Well Program" will help your Club accomplish several goals:

  • Increase fund raising revenue the easy way
  • Dramatically increase your club's public relations
  • Help to increase your club's membership


“We have had two Spiral Wishing Wells in our local shopping mall for over 20 years. They bring in $7,000 per year, and generate a lot of positive exposure for our club.”
Jim Levesque, Hyannis, MA

Spiral Wishing Wells have raised over $1 billion for various clubs and organizations around the world. They are the most powerful fund raising device of all time, and they do it effortlessly. People love to toss coins in and watch them spin around in circles, faster and faster until they are a blur of speed as they descend the nearly vertical walls without falling over. It is all based on simple physics, and it attracts coins from people of all ages.

This is a very exciting clip from Japan.

It demonstrates how children from all cultures love to watch the coins spinning.


The one day income record in Japan is 75,501 yen (US$686.37)!

The one day record in the USA is $40,979 set at a church.

If you can't see the above YouTube video image, please click on


Who owns the Wells?

Your Kiwanis Club owns and controls the Wells. We do not receive any portion of the income, and Project Kindness has no restrictions on their use other than 100% of the revenue be used for Kiwanis operations or other non-profit projects.

Extraordinary Income Examples:
  • A single Well has raised over $1 million in the Dayton Air Force Museum.
  • A school raised $248,000 in 45 days for a student's life-saving bone morrow transplant.
  • Another small school raised $7,352 in one day, the current one-day school record!
  • A church raised $40,979 in one day which is the current church record.
  • A little-known blind service organization in Lincoln Nebraska raised over $10 million in six years with Spiral Wishing Wells. In addition to the money raised, they are now very well known in their region. Their story is reviewed farther down on this page.

What is the "Kiwanis Spiral Wishing Well Program"?

The goal of the Kiwanis Spiral Wishing Well Program is for each Kiwanis Club to begin with two Wells used in the following way:

The first Well can be placed in a fixed location such as a shopping mall, a Wal-Mart, a library, restaurant, bowling center, theater, or places like the locations pictured on this page. The coin revenue goes to your project, the store's designated charity, or is split between the two, as described more fully below.

Of course, your Kiwanis Club name and phone number is prominently displayed on the Well for great exposure. It is a FANTASTIC way to get the Kiwanis name out there, and something to reference when inviting new people to join your Club.

The second Well can be placed as above, but we encourage you to have it available to rent out to local fund raising events during the week and on weekends for a split of the coin revenue, and great exposure. Local fund raising events include church campaigns, school events such as performances and athletic games, and many other local charity fund raising activities that are held in shopping malls and other large venues.

In addition to churches and schools, the number of local charities needing a Well for a day or a weekend is almost unlimited. Examples include Boys and Girls Club, Boy and Girl Scouts, Salvation Army, United Way, Humane Society, Habitat For Humanity, Lung Association, Muscular Dystrophy, American Heart Association, YMCA's, and many others. If you loan them a Well, your "Provided by Kiwanis" sign will be in front of hundreds and thousands of people in your community.


These type of events often have media coverage, someone at a microphone, and printed programs...all of which can include specific mention of your club as the provider of the Well.

Fund raising events like this usually raise HUGE amounts of money because the events are pre-promoted and people bring all the loose coins that have been collecting in their home. They will gladly give you half the coin revenue if you loan them the Well. While the one-day record is over $40,000, a school raised $7,352 at a gymnasium event (wouldn't it have been great if that had been your Kiwanis Well!!!), there are many examples of $1,000 or more at one-day or weekend events. So it is likely that your share will be the maximum every time.

The Well you loan out raises easy money. The church, school, or charity picks it up from you, brings it back, and hands you a check for your half! It doesn't get any easier than that. We even provide a ready-made Rental Agreement that includes ways they can maximize their income...which increases your share.

Better than Advertising: Having the Kiwanis logo and your club's name on Wishing Wells is better than all other forms of advertising such as radio and television ads that vaporizes into thin air when it is aired, or print ads that are tossed out with the trash. People spend several minutes at your Well, smiling and laughing as they drop in coins and read your message and invitation.

Get Listed! We receive thousands of requests from cities across the country to rent or borrow a Well for their fund raising event. If you get a Well for this purpose, WE WILL SEND THOSE INQUIRIES TO YOU. We also supply you with tools that help you let your community know that you have a Well that is available for fund raising events. Your Well will also have a little sign on the rim that lets people know they can rent your Well for their fund raising event. So every time it is used, people from other churches, schools, and charities will see it and call you to arrange to rent it.

PRESS RELEASE: Click here to see suggested wording for a press release to your local media (television, radio, newspaper, etc.) announcing that, "Kiwanis has a Spiral Wishing Well to loan out to local charities, churches, and schools for fund raising events..." That will kick off your exposure and start the requests coming in.

By using the second Well this way, you can easily have your Kiwanis Spiral Wishing Well in prominent locations every weekend and many weekday evenings, especially high school sporting events. The advertising and recruiting value will be extraordinary.


“We have had our Well in the local hockey arena and the shopping mall. While the income is nice, it also gets the Kiwanis name out there and that helps with recruitment. People see that we are active in the community, and we can refer to it when inviting people to come to our meetings.”
Doug Button, Kiwanis Club of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Fundraising Fatigue and "The best kept secret"

We have been hearing two common things from Kiwanis Clubs:

1) Membership is strained from "fundraising fatigue". Member's schedules are very busy, and when they have a little time off, they want to spend it with their family. More and more of the work falls on the shoulders of the few active members. And that stresses attendance and membership.

2) Kiwanis is "The best-kept secret" in town. Many people have heard or seen the name, but they have no idea what Kiwanis does or means to their community.

Spiral Wishing Wells will help solve these issues in three ways:

1) They raise money the easy way. They don't require the kind of organization and time that other fund raising efforts demand.

2) They provide public relations that tell people who you are, that you are actively involved in helping your community. It is like having billboards INSIDE the most valuable real estate in your community, and often in the media when you loan a Well for weekend events.

3) The positive public relations with your Club's name and invitation on the Wells helps to draw more members. People want to be a part of something that is exciting and active. Seeing Spiral Wishing Wells in their community tells them that Kiwanis is THE organization to join.

How many Wells should you place in your area?

The answer depends on your goals. We encourage you to start with two and see how easy they are to place, and how much money they bring in. Armed with some experience, you can decide how many you would like to place in your community.

In terms of the capacity, for a population base of 10,000 there are usually 5 to 10 "prime" locations such as a Wal-Mart or other general store, 2 or 3 grocery stores, a library, and some restaurants. Therefore, a population area of 100,000 will have at least 50 to 100 prime locations. We are not expecting Kiwanis Clubs to place Wells in all the good locations, but placing 1 Well in a fixed location and renting another one out to churches, schools, and charities will be a quick and easy way to get started in any size community.

How to raise $10 million

If you want to penetrate all of your area, that is certainly within your reach. A little known organization in Lincoln Nebraska by the name of "Christian Record Services" started with three Wells and kept reinvesting the income in more and more Wells until they had over 300 of them in Lincoln and in stores up and down the Mid-West raising money to send blind children to summer camp. They raised over $10 million in 6 years and nearly EVERYONE in that region learned who they were. While the $10 million was fantastic, the exposure and long-term impact has also been a great benefit.

Christian Record Services became one of the best-known, most active organizations in Lincoln because they placed Wells almost everywhere. The media featured stories about them a number of times, and people have learned about their service to the blind which has attracted other donors and volunteers. If you want that kind of exposure for your Kiwanis Club, it can start with just a couple of Wells.

Splitting the proceeds with the store's charity!

Many of the best long-term locations are part of a large chain and they already have a preferred corporate charity. Will they let you place a Kiwanis Well? Yes!

All you have to do is offer to list their charity as the recipient on the sign above the Well, and "split" the revenue since you are providing the Well at no cost to them. That is how the blind service organization in Lincoln Nebraska raised over $10 million for blind summer camp programs. They split the coin revenue with stores.

Half the revenue in a large chain store like Wal-Mart or McDonalds can be greater than 100% of the income in a smaller location. And of course, your Kiwanis Club still gets the public and media exposure as the sponsor because your "Provided by Kiwanis" sign is on the bottom of the Wells!

Click here to see a complete word-for-word strategy about how to approach large corporate chain stores and restaurants with a revenue-sharing program. PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH OR CONTACT ANY LOCATIONS BEFORE READING THIS STRATEGY.

Bonus Mini-Well Vortx Toy Bank Income

In addition to coin revenue in the large Wells, you can raise additional revenue by giving away the small Vortx Toy Banks “FREE for a $25 to $50 donation” at various events such as pancake breakfasts, bingo, festivals, fairs, school events, church events, etc. In other words, any time you are there with your large Wishing Well, you can offer the Mini-Well Coin Banks so they can "Take the fun home with you."

Kids love these interactive Mini-Well Coin Banks, and parents like the fact that they encourage saving money. So they are great birthday and Christmas gifts. They are also great for “show and tell,” and that happens every day in school as opposed to once-a-year birthdays. The large Spiral Wishing Wells attract attention, and you can offer the Mini-Well Coin Banks right there on the spot.

If you have two of the floor-model Wells, you qualify for our lowest cost for the Vortx's which is $13.50 each in case quantities (25 per case). If you have one Well, your toy cost is $16 each.

So you can earn $10+ or more with every "donation". The offer to give them away free for a donation is a LOT better than "selling" them because people will take more than one, and they will often give you more than $25 each.

When you loan a Spiral Wishing Well to churches, schools, and other weekend fund raising events, encourage them to do the same thing... "give away Vortx Toy Banks for a $25 or greater donation" as a way to increase their income. And you can supply the Vortx's to them for a higher price than your cost and earn a few dollars with no effort of your own. Click here to read more about this extraordinary bonus income.

FREE TOY SHIPPING: We can fit up to 25 Vortx's into the open spaces of the cartons that contain the Three-Footers at NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING COST. So if you want to get some Mini-Well Coin Banks to experiment with this bonus income, you can order as many as you want (up to 25) along with your Wells without any shipping cost. (This option is on the order form.) Shipping for the oversized box is normally about $50 per case to most locations in the Continental USA.

ATTENTION KEY CLUBS: You can also raise money with the Vortx Mini-Well Coin Banks conducting a "Spin-a-thon" at your local high school. Students get pledges of $1 per hour of "continuous spinning of the same coin." The event takes place in the gymnasium where students and parent-supervisors gather, usually beginning on Friday night, and lasting all weekend. The world record is currently 33 hours 16 person spinning one coin! This kind of event can easily raise thousands of dollars and generate a lot of publicity. We can help you set it up if you are interested.

Read more about the toy banks here.

Club Decision Making

We understand that clubs are cautious by nature, and that it is often difficult to get a committee to make a decision. That is the way it should be careful about spending money. So most of the Kiwanis orders we receive are by individual members who tell us that they are speeding up the process, and will let their club reimburse them with a portion of the proceeds, or they might just donate the Wells to the club. So if you are ordering individually, you can still get the special Grants, even if you pay for the Wells with a personal check. We just need to know that the Wells will be used for your Kiwanis Club. But you must use the official Kiwanis Order Form.

We encourage you to review this entire website to get a broader feel of how the Spiral Wishing Wells have raised so much money over the years. But please remember this special Kiwanis website page ( because it is not linked on the website for regular customers. You can also save it to your Favorites for quick reference. For general review, we suggest you begin with the website home page, which will open in a separate browser window so you don't lose this page, then click on the navigation links as desired This special Kiwanis page is not linked from the main website. .

Prices and Ordering

- This yellow box notice was updated on 01 March 2024 -

Project Kindness Grants

From time to time, ProjectKindness (PK) has provided assistance Grants toward the purchase of Two and Three-Footers to various charities and non-profit projects. They are currently providing grants on a first-come-first-served basis while their fund lasts. If you are not able to place your order in the next few days, please check with us when you are ready and we will let you know if the grants are still available.

If you purchase 1 Two or Three-Footer Well, they will pay $500 of its cost which is the amount offered to all charities. But because of Kiwanis Club's commitment to local communities, if you purchase 2 or more Wells, they will pay $1,000 EACH. In other words, Project Kindness will pay $2,000 of the cost if you purchase 2 Wells. (see the exact remaining share amounts below).

How it works: PK pays the grant up front, so you are only responsible for the remaining share as your "purchase cost". You don't have to fill out any applications or file any paperwork after the purchase. Kiwanis Clubs are pre-approved. You just fax us a simple 1-page order form linked below.

The grants do NOT need to be paid back, so 100% of the coin revenue remains in your community and is yours to distribute.

Prices for Two and Three-Footer Wells include everything you need to place them immediately into service including the generic sign poster and clear sign frame on the top so you can slip any name or project under the "Proceeds go to" section and change it as often as you wish. It also includes the coin ramps, funnel, base, a padlock and 2 keys. The round Kiwanis signs and rim stickers are optional, but inexpensive and highly recommended. We explain more about the Kiwanis signs a little farther below in this section.

You will own the Wells and the income they produce. We NEVER receive any portion of the ongoing income.


Normal Commerical
One-Time Cost

Non-Profit Project
Kiwanis Sign & Rim Sticker
Two and Three-Footers

$500 per Well,
or $1,000/ea if 2 Wells

$65 per Well

Best Size For You

The Three-Footer model (diameter) is best for larger floor spaces such as Wal-Marts and libraries, and to loan out for local fund raising events. The Two-Footer is primarily for smaller floor-space areas such as restaurants and convenience stores. The Seven-Footer is for shopping malls and other large floor space areas. It raises the most money and gets the most exposure, but because of its much higher cost, we don't recommend that you begin with it. After you experience the income from the smaller Wells, we definitely recommend that you lock up your local shopping mall with a Seven-Footer.

Unless you have specific small floor-space locations already lined up, we recommend that you begin with 2 Three-Footers. At 30 pounds, they are easy to haul in a car, mini-van, or SUV. After you set it up, we recommend that you place some bags with salt, sand or gravel inside the base for greater stability, although most people don't actually do that. (The Seven-Footer requires a pickup or other similar vehicle and doesnt' need any additional weight.)


"We placed the first two Wells in a Super Wal-Mart where they raise money for Children's Miracle Network. In 147 days, they have raised $2,519.38, way more than their cost. Please ship two more Wells (1 Two-Footer and 1 Three-Footer) with our 'Provided by Kiwanis' signs on them as soon as possible. We already have one of them committed for the Golden Coral restaurant where we hold our meetings."

Jim Kissel, Secretary, Kiwanis-Mary Hall Park
Rapid City, South Dakota




Shipping and handling in the Continental United States for one 3' Well (2 oversized cartons) shipped to a business address is usually $100 to $200 depending on your state and proximity to major routes. Because we can nest some of the parts, multiple Wells are usually less per Well. Click here to see the shipping rates for your State.

Shipping to residential addresses is $20 more because they have to send a special smaller truck. So if you have the option of shipping to a business address, you can save that extra fee. When you are ready to place an order, please contact us by email with your shipping address or call us (1-937-985-5863, 9 am to 9 pm Eastern USA) and we will get a firm quote from our shipper that you can enter on the order form (linked below).

Other Countries, Alaska, and Hawaii

When you know the size, quantity, and color, please contact us with your shipping address, whether it is zoned commercial or residential, and the name of the nearest international airport if you have the option of picking up your packages at the airport which can save some cost. We will send you a shipping quote and payment instructions.

Kiwanis Sign

The "Proceeds go to" poster sign above the Well is included at no charge. You can add the project or charity and slip the poster back into the clear plastic frame. You can have the 11.5" (29.2cm) round "Provided by Kiwanis " sign and 3" x 5" (7.6cm x 12.7cm) rim sticker shown in the accompanying picture made at any local sign shop, or our sign maker can make it for you, and we can include the sign with your order, mounted to your Well(s). The cost is $65 for the set (round sign and rim sticker). Most sign shops charge $100 or more for this size sign and sticker, plus a set up fee. .



The standard color is a white funnel. You can order any of our special colors for $100 more per Well. About half the Kiwanis Clubs are getting white Wells and the other half are getting colors. The primary purpose of getting a color is to have it "jump out" of the surroundings so people are attracted to it visually. Therefore, the most popular colors are the bright ones. We try to keep a good supply of white and all colors for immediate shipping. Click here to read more about colors.

Order Form

USA: Click here for a printable PDF order form. This form includes all the necessary information to place your order. Please call to make sure the grants are still available and to confirm the current available inventory or lead time. When you fill out the form, you can fax it to us and we will process your order immediately.

Other Countries: Before you complete your order form, when you know the size, quantity, and color, please contact us with your shipping address, whether it is zoned commercial or residential, and the name of the nearest international airport if you have the option of picking up your packages at the airport which can save some cost. We will send you a shipping quote and payment instructions.


As you consider the challenges of traditional fund raising and how difficult it is to organize volunteers, and as you attempt to grow your membership as part of Kiwanis International's goals for growth, we offer the following solutions.

  • Spiral Wishing Wells are easy to place...
  • Stores love them...
  • Wells don't "solicit" customers...
  • Wells are like billboards INSIDE the most valuable retail environments promoting your Club and projects...
  • They pay for themselves very quickly...
  • They raise lots of money for your projects...
  • They generate significant community relations and make it easier to invite people to join your Club...
  • A second Well, which qualifies for $1,000 grant each, can generate even more revenue and exposure on weekends and weekdays when loaned to local short-term fund raising events that are often covered by the media. Also, we will refer all inquiries from your area to you.

Ordering Procedures

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We are here to help you get the most out of your Wells, to raise the greatest amounts possible, and to increase your membership. Click here for an email contact form, or call Steve Divnick directly at 1-937-985-5863 (Eastern uSA).

When you are ready to order, click here for a printable order form (PDF).

We look forward to serving you.

Many Wells are sponsored by individuals with a brass plate similar to this one.


This section is a summary of the links provided above. Our goal is to provide the best ways to maximize your income. As we receive reports from other clubs, we will continue to update this page. So please check back often.

Suggested Press Release wording: If you would like to have a Microsoft Word version for easy editing, please send us an email and ask for, "The Word version of the Kiwanis press release."

Rental Agreement: This is suggested wording to use when you rent your Well to other charities and fund raising events. You will notice that it includes suggestions for how they can maximize their income. So this document is designed to give to prospective renters, and it will help convince them to rent your Well.

How to maximize attended events. This information tells you how the little school in Canyonville Oregon set the current one day school record of $7,352 and how a church raised over $40,000 in one day, and many other great examples! This information will help you MAXIMIZE your initial income and completely pay for your Well and a whole lot more at a single kick-off event. It takes a little planning and promotion, but is well worth it. A link to this page is included in the Rental Agreement so it will help the groups to which you rent your Well to gain confidence and to maximize their income...which of course increases your share too. You will see what we mean as you review this page.

Click here to see a complete word-for-word strategy about how to approach large corporate chain stores and restaurants with a revenue-sharing program. PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH OR CONTACT ANY LOCATIONS BEFORE READING THIS STRATEGY



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