toy coin funnel


Click here for a printable PDF version of the Assembly Instructions that follow.

Attach the components as shown in these pictures using the supplied nuts and bolts. You can tighten the nuts with a 7/16” wrench or socket (preferred), or use a pair of pliers if you don't have a wrench.

1) Secure the funnel to the base (3 bolts and nuts). Place a washer on the bolt, and another washer next to the nut.

2) Mount the ramps to the funnel (4 bolts and nuts). Do not use a washer on the bolt, but place one next to the nut on the underside of the funnel.

3) Remove the protective film from the sign frame. (If you have received a Three-Footer, the sign frame is packaged UNDER the funnel in the bottom of the box.) Affix the name or logo of the proceeds recipient to the paper sign under where it says, "Proceeds go to", or you can make a whole new sign and slip it into the clear frame if you choose. If you will be changing the recipient from time to time, you will want to affix it with removable adhesive or a very small piece of tape. Since it is inside the clear plastic sign frame, it will not need very much adhesion. Mount the sign frame on the back of the ramps as shown (2 screws). Place a large washer on the bolt which goes through the back side of the sign frame, and use a small washer next to the nut on the inside of the cross-bar.

4) The door easily slips into place and is secured by the padlock.

5) The floor is already installed in the base. If you purchased multiple Wells, the floor is only in the base on the bottom of the stack. You can use it as a sample for correctly installing the bolts and nuts for the rest of the bases.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


Check all screws regularly to make sure they stay tight.

Cleaning Your Well: We recommend that you clean your Well regularly. A clean Well attracts more revenue. Use any common household glass cleaner such as Windex and a soft cloth. For very stubborn marks or stains, you can use Acetone on the fiberglass only (NOT ON THE STICKERS).

Scratches: If you get scratches on the fiberglass, you can polish them with any automotive polish. If they are too deep for polish, you can use "rubbing compound" followed by polish.

Removing the Coins: We recommend that you remove the coins often. Rather than letting the coins fall loosely into the base, we suggest that you place a small bucket (included with Two and Three-Footers) or other receptacle inside the base to catch the coins so they are easily retrieved. Some people use a metal pan that makes noise when the coins hit it. You can place a baking pan or other tray-type container in the Seven-Footer, or purchase an optional steel box shown here.

Cleaning the Coins: It is normal for people to throw trash into the Well. It is just something that happens. But it usually easy to dump out the coins and blow or brush the trash into a trash can. If the coins are sticky, you can wash them in a soapy solution and then lay them out on a towel to dry, moving them around from time to time. We have even heard from some customers that they have washed them in their dish washer. But all you really need to do is clean them enough to handle them, so washing is hardly ever necessary.

Security and Stability: It is rare that anyone reports a theft problem, especially in supervised locations. Nevertheless, the best security measure is to remove the coins often to remove the temptation. Also, we recommend that you increase the stability and security by placing a few zip-lock bags of sand or gravel inside the base (or some other form of weight), or attach a chain to the padlock or around the “neck” of the Well, and then around a nearby post or permanent object.

Please send pictures and reports: We would love to see digital pictures of your Well(s) along with an income report after a period of time. Please send it to

Good luck, and may the coins pour in!

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